Who Are Distributors?

Distributors are people like you and me. Someone with that spirit to work for themselves. It is a great way to earn while you have fun at so many events and locations.It is easy to get started and the financial investment to start is way less than so many other franchises or distributorships Just send Cheryl and email and we can get started.

Where Are Distributors?

A Goodi’s location can literally be anywhere in the country. Even state, city and county has special events. This is where we help you get established in your own territory. We do most of the start up work for you in this area so you can be successful. We know that getting a business going takes dedication and time and we are there to help you become successful.

Are Locations in Northern Nevada are Located at the Sparks Marina and at the Shadow Mountain Baseball Complex seasonally. Our special event locations are all over town. We operate at the Reno Livestock Events Center, The Reno/Sparks Convention Center. We have also recently expanded into the Lake Havasu City Arizona area. So far the special events are doing well in Arizona and we look forward to expanding the territory.

How Do I Become A Distributors?

The best way to get started is to send Cheryl an email, and she will get the paperwork out for you to examine. At that point, we can answer all your questions and you can be up and running in a few short weeks